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As you may know, honey bees and other native pollinators are not only fascinating to get to know, but are absolutely essential to our food supply.  More than 30 percent of all of our food is dependent upon these little creatures for production.  Honey bees travel about three miles from the hive - foraging nectar from about two million blossoms in order to make one pound of honey! Without the bees, we lose many types of food critical to our own health. Plus, honey is a "superfood" with health benefits that far exceed it's delicious sweetness.  Pollinators are disappearing and the honey bee population is in a crisis. Native honey bees are absent in many areas and managed bee hives have been dramatically decreased by a number of factors. It cost us about $480 per hive - without factoring labor! We began beekeeping in 2011, and it has been an amazing experience filled with both joy and heartbreak. We certainly do not do it for the money. We love the lessons bees can teach us, the natural and beneficial products they provide, and environmentally - it's just the right thing to do. Plus all these stings will maybe keep arthritis away.  

To help keep our beekeeping sustainable and give you a chance to be part of  our apiary, we are offering opportunities to join our Honey Club and become a sponsor. All sponsors will receive an official certificate of sponsorship (great for showing off to friends), photos of the hive that includes your name and graphics related to your interests and posts that follow the hive's progress. You will also receive 6, 12 oz Honey Bears of our/"your" honey. Your initial investment is $200 with subsequent years at $150. 

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